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Deciding to leave for a training mobility abroad is one of the best decisions you can make for your professional and personal life: it will be a truly life-changing experience!

If you’re here it’s probably because you are thinking about being hosted by a family for this new adventure but you still have a few doubts or questions about how exactly this would work. We have tried to summarize the most important ones in this list of Frequently Asked Questions.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will try to solve all your doubts and give you all the answers you need, so that both your and the family’s experience is as constructive as possible.

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What are the advantages of being hosted by a family?

Being hosted at another person’s house allows you to deep dive into another country’s way of life and language. This means that you’ll be in contact with another culture 24/7 so you will have plenty of opportunities to improve your language skills and to learn something new about your hosting country.

I think a shared accommodation would be more fun, why should I choose the family?

A hosting family can be as much fun as being with your peers because you’ll get to know specificities of another country that might seem strange or bizarre at first sight. It is possible that you will do some activities together like cooking, watching a film or visiting interesting places and that can be a lot of fun too!

I’m afraid I would have to follow strict rules, I am not sure that a host family is the best option for me…

Remember that also in a shared house or hostel there are rules to be followed. We’re sure you’ll be respectful of the place and people who are hosting you, so at a host family’s house you’ll be as free as you are in a shared dorm.

What is the host family supposed to do for me?

We expect hosting families to provide a room, breakfast and dinner for the students they host, as well as access to a washing machine, free wifi, blankets and sheets. In some instances and according to their type of contract, families might be asked to provide a packed lunch as well. They will also be a point of reference for you, a familiar face that you can refer to in everyday life.

What am I supposed to do for my host family?

As a student, you are required to respect the rules and curfew of the host home, as well as to participate in the normal daily life of your family/home, in line with your internship hours and schedule.

I don’t speak English well, how will I communicate with the family?

Don’t worry about your level of English, HOSTER is also a great opportunity to improve it! You can use other communication methods such as translation applications on your phone. Facial expressions and gestures are also an excellent complement to spoken communication. In addition, we always try to match students with the most suitable hosts for them, so if you speak other languages that might be useful, we’ll take that into consideration.

Who are the host families?

Hosts are people who expressed interest in being involved in the school’s life and who are generally interested in meeting people from another culture. Usually they are open-minded people who are ready to open their houses to a foreign language, culture and are keen on getting to know something and someone new!

Which rules will I need to follow in my Hoster’s house?

Being welcomed into a Hoster’s house means having access to someone else’s private world, a world that they are willing to share with you. Therefore you should be as respectful as possible and comply with the rules that will be shared with you upon your arrival. Normally they will be about the schedule of the family and its timetable, as well as curfew hours and general behavior, hopefully nothing too different from your household’s ones!

Will I have free time after work/school is finished? Do I have to spend it all time with the family or can I hang out with friends?

Of course you can meet your friends and hang out with them, it’s absolutely not a problem. Being hosted by a family, you will be able to choose what to do in your free time: you can go out with your friends but you’ll also have the possibility to do some activities together with your Hosters and deep dive into your host country’s culture.

I follow a specific diet or have certain dietary requirements: will they be respected?

No need to worry about this! We will communicate in advance your food regime to the family that will host you so that they can be prepared and make sure all your needs are met.

Where is my house located? Will it be close or far to the city center?

Generally we try to select Hosters whose houses are well connected to several areas in the city. When matching the student to the family, we take into consideration which location works best according to your schedule, so we tend to choose houses that are close to your place of work and/or the city center. You will be informed in advance about the exact location of your host family’s house, as well as other logistic information that will be given to you as your mobility approaches.

What to do if I don’t get along with my host family or if we have problems?

The host families are selected and interviewed well in advance and we make sure that they are trustworthy, reliable people. However, if any problems arise, you can communicate it to your reference person at your contact institution and we’ll address them in the best way possible.

I am a learner: can I host too if I want?

Sure! Everyone is welcome, with HOSTER! You just need to fill in this short form. We will register your expression of interest and we will be in contact with further details.

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